Ai4 Powered by Camunda

Customer Interaction

Ai4CI addresses efficiency and customer experience, leveraging an integrated
all-in-one platform for interacting with your customers digitally

Multi/Cross Channel

Provides a consistent multichannel context aware environment for customers and agents.

Virtual Agent

Supports unassisted customer enquiry resolution, to reduce call centre volumes and increase focus on value added services. Configure your business interactions with your customers easily using a pre-built framework and capabilities. Provides an augmented customer support experience when an automated agent cannot go further and forwards to a human agent.

Document Management Automation

Inbound and outbound Email automation, document generation, natural language processing.

Machine Learning

Improves the efficiency of understanding customer interactions through learning from augmented agent support for automated processes.


KPI and metrics reporting for a continuous improvement environment.


Facilitates the new way of working supporting distributed workforce through a fully digital work environment. Integrate with existing systems to maximise automation

Fashion Application

Ai4Fashion is a social media based positive review platform for user to find well-fitting clothes. Users can upload reviews of clothes that fit them well, which will then be shown to users with similar characteristics, such as size, or skin and hair colour, thus promoting better informed purchases.

Rewards User Purchases

A Points system which rewards review uploads and purchasing previously reviewed garments, driving greater user engagement


Reduced Return Rates

Reduced consumer returns on poor fitting or ill-suited clothes through prior knowledge of fit, thus reducing high costs of returns.

Increased Brand Loyalty

Happy customers promote enhanced brand loyalty.

Market Data

Insight into market and fashion trends via a dedicated Analytics Dashboard. 

Scalable and Extensible

Leverages an AWS cloud deployment of Camunda to allow a high degree of scalability. Utilises Camunda technology to provide process flexibility.