Pega CoE and Co-Innovation

AI4Process can help clients set up their own Centre of Excellence and Co-innovation practice leveraging Pega Platform, Decisioning, AI and Robotics. Our approach provides leadership, best practice methods, research and support to bring together domain and industry knowledge and technology expertise. Our pool of technical exerts can help in setting up the Pega CoE in 30 days.


Pega Marketing

AI4Process has a pool of experienced Pega Marketing architects and can help clients realize their intelligent marketing goals. Pega Marketing helps clients know their customers and anticipate their needs in real-time based on continuously evolving customer data and business context. It intelligently suggests the next best actions to maximize the long term value of the relationship. Pega Marketing supports the design, testing, and execution of a company’s decision strategies, ensuring recommended actions are instantly updated to account for changing customer interests, needs, and objectives


Pega Advisory and Consulting Services

Our global Pega resource network and in-house talent pool gives us ability to provide clients with top Pega talent in a cost-effective way on an advisory basis. Our team of Pega upgrade experts can also assist with and/or manage upgrades to the current Pega Infinity release with or without Cloud support. To Assess the upgrade process we can select a candidate workflow with the client business architect, then upgrade the process, and assess and fix any areas of the application layer, making it compliant with the latest version of the Pega Infinity Platform.


Robotic Process Automation

AI4Process can help the client utilize Pega's advanced robotics capability to integrate separate or legacy applications seamlessly into Pega processes to improve the efficiency and the customer/user experience. Pega’s robotic automation optimizes the way your employees work – improving speed, efficiency, and precision so they can spend less time on manual tasks and more time focusing on customers. Pega RPA and RDA  is fast, resilient, flexible, robust, reliable and fully unified with business process management (BPM) and case management to drive operational efficiency.


Cloud and Managed Services

Cloud Services accelerate and simplify the development and delivery of strategic applications. AI4Process is now pleased to offer existing Pega customers on Pega Cloud or Cloud Choice with a variety of services covering Data Management, Monitoring, Integration, Access Control, Security, Storage, Network, Resiliency & Backup services,  additionally AI4Process also offers  BAU application support and maintenance on the Cloud.


Enablement Services

AI4Process Enablement services offers a breadth of training options to suit our client's needs, along with a library of resources and community benefits to support your Pega journey.
Contract to Hire model – We can hire and train local resources with co-production and coaching in all areas of Pega. These trained and knowledgeable resources can then be hired/transferred to our clients. The AI4Process approach for Pega talent development comprises a resource ramp-up plan, customized training on domain & technology skills, lab exercises on a Pega training environment, coaching, mentoring and internal certification.