SS&C CHORUS Services

Delivering the Key Success Criteria for Clients implementing or improving Chorus BPM

  • Increased Client Productivity / Efficiency
  • Reduction in Processing Errors / Waste / Processing times
  • Ability to respond quickly to changing markets / regulations etc
  • High Customer Engagement / Satisfaction
  • As an approved partner of SS&C, Ai4Process offers a range of Chorus BPM Professional Services, from our team of experienced SS&C approved Chorus Consultants, whilst also having access to SS&C’s Product and Services teams to deliver cutting edge business solutions to our clients.

    These will include:

  • As-Is Process analysis and mapping using BPMN
  •              Run analysis sessions with clients to analyse existing business processes
                 Documentation of business processes

  • To-Be Business Process Solution Design
                 Analysis and documentation of client business requirements and recommendations for process improvements
  • Workshop facilitation
                 Work with clients and project to facilitate business analysis workshops
  • Product Training on Chorus BPM and related software
  • Process Governance including design best practice
  •              Provide advice on process best practice to clients and governance over design proposals

  • Process improvement with application of Lean principles e.g., SIPOC analysis
  • Business Operational Reviews and recommendations for improvement
  • Knowledge Transfer
  •              Will work with clients to transfer product knowledge

  • Process Testing
  •              Our team of experienced Testers will support with Process testing, offering our own Automated testing tools.