Ai4 Powered by SS&C Chorus


Improve your debt recovery rates, embed efficiency, quality and consistency into your processes while treating your customers fairly and enhancing brand loyalty

Enhanced contact strategy

Traditional methods of contacting customers (letters, phone, voicemail) are proving less effective than digital channels at recovering debt. Worse still, a lack of customer response often leads to increased efforts to contact them via unpopular channels, leaving customers feeling harassed at a potentially difficult time of their lives. Ai4’s Chorus BPM Collections uses AI to derive the Next Best Communication method using previous contact history and customer preferences to promote a digital-first and personalised contact strategy for each customer to ensure they are contacted at the right time by their preferred channel.

Next Best Payment Plan

Chorus Collections analyses key characteristics of a customers’ 360° view including payment history, financial standing, previous behaviour etc. to automatically derive a payment plan that provides the optimal chance of successful debt recovery, without unduly increasing the financial stress for the customer.

Automated case creation

For incoming emails, letters, chats etc., cases will be created automatically by ingesting data from a choice of external sources and methodsand will extract the data required for downstream processing. Where the data is available, cases will be auto routed to the appropriate team for fulfilment.

Customer Fulfilment

The revised payment plan is automatically created and sent to the customer and supports automatic case resolution when the customer confirmation is returned.