Who we are...

Our technical team consists of some of the premier Pega developers in the world. We are able to leverage our technical knowledge and experience  to create business solutions that support customer journeys and desired outcomes.

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What we do...

We provide premium services and resources to Pega clients covering all aspects of Pega technology including Pega Platform, Pega Marketing, Robotics and Cloud. We can help clients build their own Pega Practice and COE as well as augmenting an existing team.

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How do we add value...

Our leadership team leverages over 49 years of corporate experience in Pega software design, development and management to provide the right solution for our clients needs. We know what it takes to build and manage Pega applications for large and small businesses.

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Why AI4Process?

  • Stacked_partner_silver_POS_RGB

    Pega Global Silver Partner

  • Wor100

    Worked with 100+ clients (globally), and delivered many successful Pega implementations

  • 500P

    Pega Certified LSAs | CSSAs | CSAs | LBAs | CRSAs | CPDCs | CPMCs

  • PoolE

    Pool of experienced Pega Consultants covering: Pega Platform | Pega Marketing | Pega Decisioning | Pega Robotics

  • 33y

    Our Pega leadership team leverages 49 yrs of  Pega Advisory and delivery experience

  • WEH

    We help Pega clients with co-production and building the Pega practice with local high calibre resources

  • Reg

    Pega Application Expertise covering:
    CSA | PCSi | PUI | NBAM | RPA | SmartDispute

  • PegaD

    Pega Domain Expertise in BFSI | Healthcare | Retail | Manufacturing | Public Sector |  Media & Communication